Glass Balustrades

This is a revolutionary new design of fully integrated frameless glass balustrade system, which is thermally broken and is fully integrated to fit bi-fold, sliding French doors and tilt and turn window systems, it has been tested to BS6180 and surpassed current regulations. Designed to modern standards, this is sure to be a fantastic addition to any home.


This will be a choice for architects and for people who have specific design requirements, not to mention that this has never been achieved in the industry until now. We believe this is one of the safest balustrade systems, using 16.8mm laminated glass with the very latest laminate technology to achieve an impressive degree of structural integrity.


Their frameless design, comprising no top or bottom rails, offers a stunning and modern aesthetic. This also allows them to achieve maximum natural light allowance, performing to the highest standards of functionality without obstructing views or ruining the look of the property. They offer the best of both worlds.


All of our glass balustrades are fitted with neutral, toughened solar glass as standard. Alongside this, they are also fitted with various performing solar glasses, triple glazed options, laminated glass, privacy glass, and more. This means that we’ll be able to tailor the glass balustrade to suit your specifications, and the requirements of your project.


With our designs, the glass balustrade can be made to let in as much natural light as needed, as well as serving as a way to maximise privacy. Our modern manufacturing technique allows us to bond the glass into the frame, which means that structural integrity and weathertightness are maximised and a longer lifespan is achieved.