Composite Doors

Composite doors are now the preferred choice of double-glazed entrance doors for many homeowners and tradesmen. This is due to the huge advantages that composite doors have over the alternative doors. Durability, strength, security, thermal efficiency, weather resistance, low-maintenance and life expectancy are to name a few. The composite door market offers a huge range of doors with many different design features. Some composite doors are foam filled, others are timber core, there are different handle systems and many different furniture choices. We have narrowed our range down to the companies below as we believe they suit our customers best, offering great quality products at reasonable prices and doing so consistently. As there are so many choices the links below will forward you to the retrospective brochures. This will enable you to pick exactly what you want. For enquires into all of our composite doors please simply send us the specification you require through our enquires page or via email and we can reply with a detailed quotation.